High Weald


pdf Cultural Heritage of Woodland in the South East - 2. High Weald chapter ( pdf, 2.83 MB )
pdf Cultural Heritage of Woodland in the South East - Complete book (low resolution) ( pdf, 13.09 MB )
pdf Woodland archeaology feature Identification toolkit ( pdf, 5.41 MB )
pdf Ash Dieback leaflet ( pdf, 3.23 MB )
Guidance for schools about Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea), produced by Kent County Council.
pdf Ancient Woodland Guide ( pdf, 5.57 MB )
pdf Cultural Heritage of Woodland in the South East - 1. Introduction ( pdf, 2.15 MB )
pdf Anvil 2011 ( pdf, 3.31 MB )
pdf Anvil 2006 ( pdf, 2.92 MB )
pdf Anvil 2010 ( pdf, 4.57 MB )
pdf Anvil 2003 ( pdf, 1.85 MB )
pdf Anvil 2009 ( pdf, 6.68 MB )
pdf Anvil 2008 ( pdf, 1.63 MB )
pdf Anvil 2007 ( pdf, 2.93 MB )
pdf Anvil 2005 ( pdf, 2.54 MB )
pdf Anvil 2002 ( pdf, 4.90 MB )
pdf Anvil 2001 ( pdf, 7.16 MB )
pdf Anvil 2000 ( pdf, 5.88 MB )
pdf Anvil 2004 ( pdf, 1.33 MB )
pdf Management Plan Review Process Information Sheet ( pdf, 109 KB )

Details of the Management Plan review process including timetable.

pdf Appropriate Assessment of the Management Plan 2nd Edition 2009 ( pdf, 938 KB )

Appropriate Assessment, required under European habitats regulations to assess the impacts either singly or in combination of proposals on specific highly protected habitats. In the High Weald this includes the Ashdown Forest and Pevensey levels Special Protection Areas (SPA).

pdf High Weald Charter ( pdf, 758 KB )
pdf The High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2004: a 20-year strategy, 2nd Edition, adopted March 2009 ( pdf, 2.56 MB )

Author: High Weald AONB Unit

The 2009 AONB Management Plan provides a 5 year revision of the 2004 Plan as required by the CRoW Act 2000. It fulfils a legal requirement placed on all local authorities, formulating their policy for the management of the AONB and the carrying out of their functions in relation to it.


pdf High Weald AONB Management Plan 1st Edition 2004 ( pdf, 809 KB )
pdf SEA Environmental Statement for the Management Plan 2nd Edition, 2009 ( pdf, 663 KB )
pdf High Weald Historical Happenings ( pdf )
pdf Value of AONB partnerships report ( pdf, 474 KB )
pdf Restocking the Weald: Securing the future of livestock farming in the High Weald's working landscape ( pdf, 2.16 MB )

Author: Bill Vorley
A report identifying the causes for the decline in livestock farming in the High Weald based on interviews with farmers, land agents, farm advisors, marketers, retailers, statutory bodies and researchers. It sets out proposals for shaping the debate on improving the productivity of the grassland resource and making environmental stewardship work.

pdf Human Landscape Perception of the High Weald ( pdf, 3.46 MB )

Report exploring the historical development of human landscape perception, the various theories which help explain landscape perception and recommendations on how to incorporate this into landscape policy.

pdf 25 March 2013 - Joint Advisory Committee agenda and reports ( pdf, 1.35 MB )
pdf 25 March 2013 - Joint Advisory Commitee minutes ( pdf, 70 KB )
pdf High Weald Tourism Report ( pdf, 1.20 MB )

Report collating available information on tourism in the High Weald AONB, including visitor profiles and trends, available visitor activities, the economic value of tourism and levels of demand.

pdf 25 February 2013 - Officer Steering Group minutes ( pdf, 88 KB )
pdf High Weald SNCI grassland review report ( pdf, 106 KB )

This review updates the available information about the ownership, management regimes and condition of species-rich, neutral grassland designated as SNCIs in the High Weald.

pdf 14 November 2012 - Joint Advisory Committee minutes ( pdf, 155 KB )
pdf Single Storey, Twentieth Century Dwellings in the High Weald: A preliminary investigation based on the eastern High Weald ( pdf, 3.23 MB )

Author: Dr Brendan Chester-Kadwell

This report explores the significance of single-storey 20th Century dwellings in the Eastern High Weald which are vulnerable to unsuitable modifications and loss through demolition for larger replacement dwellings.

pdf Settlement: Summary of historic settlement development in the High Weald ( pdf, 676 KB )

Author: Dr Roland Harris

This report provides a summary of settlement history in the High Weald explaining why the late development of Wealden towns and villages defies standard typologies and highlighting the importance of understanding individual settlements in planning new development.

pdf Commons, Greens and Settlement in the High Weald AONB: Scoping Assessment from Kent and Sussex Historic Landscape Characterisations ( pdf, 14.63 MB )

Author: Dr Nicola Bannister

Commons and greens are a characteristic feature of the High Weald. This report explains their origins and history, and uses extracts from the HLC and Hasted to identify the historic location of markets and fairs, and hamlets that have grown up around former commons and greens.

pdf Historic routeways survey pack ( pdf, 1.12 MB )
pdf Energy use and generation audit ( pdf, 1.81 MB )
pdf High Weald Woodlands Carbon Report ( pdf, 386 KB )

Author: Sandy Greig

This study provides a carbon account for the woodlands of the High Weald, including estimates of carbon stored above and below ground in woodlands, and net CO2 emissions reductions from using wood as a fuel and using timber in construction.

pdf Historic Farmsteads: A Manual for Mapping ( pdf, 6.74 MB )

Author: Forum Heritage Services

This manual provides a guide on the mapping of historic farmsteads and dataset creation to explain the methodology of rapid farmstead character assessment and enable consistency.

pdf Medieval Deer Parks And Designed Landscapes In The High Weald Historic Landscape Characterisation Analysis Stage 1&2 ( pdf, 2.56 MB )

Author: Dr Nicola Bannister

This report identifies and maps medieval deer parks and other designed landscapes within the High Weald, assessing the survival and loss of these under-considered yet highly significant local features.

pdf The Potential of the High Weald to Supply the Food Needs of its Population under Conventional and Organic Agriculture ( pdf, 1.50 MB )

Author: University of Reading

This study provides an analysis of agricultural production in the AONB and explores the potential for the High Weald to supply the basic food needs of its resident population under a range of dietary regimes.

pdf Housing needs survey of rural workers in the Weald: Forestry and coppice workers ( pdf, 1.77 MB )

Author: High Weald AONB Unit

This report presents the findings of an investigation into the housing needs of woodland workers. It illustrates the increasing unaffordability of suitable rural housingand yardspace in the High Weald and proposes an addition to 'key worker' housing policy to include essential rural workers.

pdf Wind Energy Regional Assessment for the High Weald AONB: Investigating the resource for wind energy in the High Weald and the technical and environmental constraints upon it ( pdf, 18.41 MB )

Author: The Digital Landscape Cooperative

This study uses GIS modelling and industry standard technical criteria to provide an assessment of the wind energy potential of the High Weald and the constraints on harnessing it.

pdf Historic farmsteads and landscape character in East Sussex ( pdf, 15.47 MB )
pdf The Sustainable Development of Dispersed Settlement in the High Weald AONB ( pdf, 240 KB )

Author: Countryside and Community Research Institute, University of Gloucestershire, and University of the West of England

This report proposes a practical framework to integrate consideration of landscape character and the aspirations of local communities into sustainable development decision making enabling generic sustainable development criteria to be adapted to the needs of rural areas and dispersed settlement landscapes like the High Weald. It explores the sustainability of dispersed settlement in different parts of Europe providing examples of good practice for consideration in the High Weald.

pdf Socio economic characteristics of farms ( pdf, 5.57 MB )
pdf Historic farmsteads and landscape character in West Sussex ( pdf, 3.98 MB )
pdf Historic Farmsteads & Landscape Character in the High Weald AONB ( pdf, 10.57 MB )

Author: Forum Heritage Services

This report provides an analysis of the character of over 3500 historic farmsteads in the High Weald looking at farmstead plan form, date and survival. An overview of the history of agriculture and development of farmsteads is provided together with a summary of results by district.