High Weald


pdf Sustainable settlements in the High Weald ( pdf, 7.46 MB )

Author: Land Use Consultants

This report provides an analysis of the sustainability of different settlement types in the High Weald AONB. It uses Census data and on the ground survey methods to explore the different dimensions of settlement sustainability across villages, remote hamlets and farmsteads in the AONB, providing recommendations for what the planning system can do to help make small settlements more sustainable in the future.

pdf The Making of the High Weald Report ( pdf, 7.62 MB )

Author: High Weald AONB Unit

The Making of the High Weald takes a long historical view back to the last Ice Age, seeking to explain the main processes that have created and shaped the High Weald landscape. It provides an evidenced and peer reviewed statement to support the importance and time depth of the five core components of 'natural beauty' which underpin the AONB Management Plan.