High Weald

fieldfareBird lovers in Kent and Sussex are enjoying the call of this scandinavian visitor this winter.  This largest member of the thrush family has a distinctive grey head and rump and chestnut back, arriving here enmasse to enjoy our less cold winters, from November and stays till spring when they return to their homeland to breed. 

Gathering in loose flocks sometimes in the hundreds and with other thrushes such as Redwings, they devour orchards and the countryside of windfall fruit and berries. 

They can be seen across fields and orchards, particularly in hawthorn bushes and can be identified by a loud 'chack chack' call.  Watch out for flocks overhead while enjoying the High Weald countryside.

For more details of where to see Fieldfares visit the Sussex or Kent Ornithology Societies

Check out the RSPB to listen to a Fieldfare call