High Weald

The_truggery_1929webTrugs have been made at the Truggery, Herstmonceux since 1899 and now you can learn about this long history by watching a new video clip full of old historic photos on their website.

The trugs at the Truggery are still handmade in the traditional way. Work begins with the handle and rim. Sweet chestnut is split with a cleaving axe and smoothed with a drawknife, using a wooden 'horse'. After steaming, the chestnut is bent around wooden formers. Boards of cricket bat willow are then sawn to the appropriate width and shaved smooth. Finally they are dipped in water to make them pliable and nailed into the frame. 

In 1899 Reuben Reed, already an experienced trugmaker bought the property now known as the Truggery and started a family business that lasted for 80 years.  In the 1970s it was sold on and in the 1990s it was bought by the current owner, Sarah Page. The tradition  is being carried on  by Pete Marden, the latest in a long line of traditional trugmakers.