High Weald

Vision 2034

The AONB partnership has set out a vision for the High Weald AONB in 20 years time. It is a landscape which:

• Retains its remarkable character and scenic beauty, and is functioning successfully as an attractive place to live and work.

• Is adapting well to changing economic and climatic conditions.
• Is recognised and valued by those living, working and visiting the area as a nationally important protected landscape championed by the High Weald Joint Advisory Committee.

• Is maintained under 'traditional' land management practices, carried out by people connected to the land through work, lifestyle and leisure.

• Displays the benefits of appropriate management in its highly interconnected and biodiversity rich ancient woodlands, meadows and heathland; and the improving condition of its routeways,
sandrock and more naturally functioning river systems.

• Is embracing a low-carbon future with green technologies underpinning a strong rural economy and thriving communities.

• Accommodates an increasing number of households without compromising the characteristic historic settlement pattern as a result of strong planning policies and a sound understanding of the dynamics of sustainable communities.

• Celebrates its woodland history and nurtures a woodland economy whose timber products are highly valued.

• Sees land managed by a myriad of different people through diverse activities that are supported and nurtured where they deliver public benefits.

• Encourages active participation by people, their communities and businesses, in conserving the area and managing change.

• Provides a warm welcome and high quality experience for residents and visitors seeking inspiration and enjoyment of its landscape and rich, well understood and celebrated cultural heritage.