High Weald

hwh_education_resourcesHistorical character videos, activity cards for use as part of outdoor learning, map sets and classroom activity sheets are just some of the resources we have created to help schools use their local countryside in national curriculum work.

The resources listed on this page are available to all schools within and around the High Weald. If you have joined the High Weald Hero Partnership as a High Weald Hero School we will have supplied school-specific map sets and may also have worked with you to produce other school-specific educational material e.g. Welly walks You will find these resources on your school's page on this site.

A pdf High Weald Hero Topic Web (240 KB)  is also available for further ideas on linking your lessons to the High Weald.

Characters from the past

Meet a character from the past to find out how they used the High Weald... Read more

Classroom based activities

Bring the High Weald inside! Art workshops, drama scripts, lively debate packs and habitat activity sheets - find an activity here to help support teaching and learning in your classroom. Read more

Outdoor activities

Thinking of heading outside? Use our butterfly, woodland and farm resources to support your adventures in the outdoor classroom. Read more

Saxon teaching resources

Activities about the Saxons which can be used in your school grounds or on your Welly Walk. Read more

School field trip information

Outdoor activities related to particular sites in the High Weald - Ashdown Forest, Brede High Woods, Strawberry Wood Culvert and Barnett's Wood. Read more

Energy Pack

A set of resources designed to teach children about different types of renewable and non-renewable energy, and it's relevance to the High Weald. Read more