High Weald

The current support package includes:

Introductory assemblies and training

  • A whole school assembly - introducing the High Weald and the High Weald Hero actions
  • An attractive wooden High Weald Heroes plaque to acknowledge that the school has joined the partnership
  • Staff training/support on using the High Weald landscape as a cross-curricular resource - High Weald Hero Topic Web available!

Educational materials

  • 1 map of the Romans in the High Weald
View sample Roman roads map
  • 1 map of the Droving Routes in the High Weald
View sample Drove routes map
  • My High Weald - a DVD of 6 characters from the past telling their stories View Videos

Themed assemblies, classroom workshops and interactive plays

  • Sustainable Energy -  renewable energy sources in the High Weald
  • Map workshops - using your High Weald Hero map set with the children.
  • High Weald habitats  - thinking about what lives where and how different habitats have been used through time
  • History workshops - looking at how the High Weald has been used historically and linking to your own history topics! E.g. Tudors, Victorians, WWII

View a sample lesson plan

Outdoor learning

  • Assistance with developing a Welly Walk - a circular landscape walk, from the school gate, with extensive opportunities for outdoor learning
  • Provision of site exploration packs for countryside sites and farms local to your school
  • Activity Cards - ideas for the outdoor classroom

View a sample Welly Walk

View a sample activity card

Networking opportunities

  • Newsletters/updates
  • Information of organisations and people who could support your school in developing projects to deliver the High Weald Hero Actions  
  • Educational Providers