High Weald

marsh_marigold The Marsh Marigold, Caltha palustris, is sometimes known as King Cup, or Water Blubs.
It is a conspicuous plant of early spring, but sadly it is in decline as increasing areas of the landscape are drained.

comma_butterfly The Comma, Polygonia c-album is a familiar visitor to gardens as well as woodlands and scrubland.

A particularly interesting and attractive species, it is a rich orange colour, and the only British butterfly with a naturally ragged wing edge. The white comma on the dark brown underside gives this butterfly its name.

brimstone The Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni is a large, very bright greeny yellow butterfly. The female is much more pale, almost white.

One of the first butterflies to appear each year, it can be seen in sunny positions in scrubby grassland, woodland, hedgerows, and open ground wherever Buckthorn and Alder Buckthorn are available. The butterfly ranges widely and is often found flying along roadside verges and tracks with hedgerows. 

primrose_thumbThe Primrose, Primula vulgaris is one of our most attractive early spring flowers. 
It has been used as an analgesic in the past, particularly to treat arthritic diseases. It has also been used to make wine, but at a bucket of flowers a brew, we can no longer afford to lose that many!