High Weald

grassland_BurnetMothsVetchThe Weald Meadows Partnership & Services Advisor aims to give landowners practical support with the management of the last remaining fragments of wildflower grassland in the Weald.  The following is on offer: :

  • Grassland surveys to help identify grassland type (unimproved; semi-improved or improved) and wildlife value
  • Advice on wildflower grassland management
  • Site Management Plans
  • Assistance with entry into Natural England (Defra) Environmental Stewardship Schemes
  • Assistance with site grazing; identifying graziers, animals transport, sourcing grants for infrastructure such as fencing
  • Advice on wildflower grassland enhancement and creation including site preparation, establishment and after care techniques
  • Advice on sourcing plant plugs and wildflower and grass seed for enhancement and creation projects
  • Assistance with marketing herb-rich hay
  • Details of other contacts, including contractors, who may be able to help.

The project also co-ordinates the collection, processing and marketing of wildflower and grass seed from species-rich meadows. This activity ensures that their is a supply of Weald Native Origin Seed (WNOS) for use in enhancing species-poor grassland and creating new meadows. It also provides an income to site owners that can contribute towards the costs of traditional management.