High Weald

sheep oast landscapeMany start-up farmers struggle to find grazing. This is predominantly down to the financial barrier of the price of land and the greater ability of well-established commercial farmers to rent the larger blocks of land leaving the smaller start up graziers searching for any grazing local to them. Many landowners are approached by farmers looking for grazing and experience problems such as not being able to get hold of the grazier, non payment of rent and lack of care of the ground.

The Restocking Project is designed to help you find and build a relationship with a suitable grazier under a formal agreement that results in improvement of your ground and payment of a fair and reasonable rent.

Are you a landowner with land available to be grazed?

The Restocking Project can:
• Assist you with  finding a grazier
• Help work out a fair and reasonable income for grazing of your land
• Identify ways in which a grazier can look after and improve the land
• Provide specific land tenure & tax advice
• Help you conserve and enhance the beautiful landscape of the Weald.

For more information , please contact Restocking Co-ordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01825 872241 or 07950 427754