High Weald

Weald Meadows Group

MeadowsDayOver the past 25 years the High Weald AONB has been at the vanguard of meadow restoration, helping to stem the decline of traditional grasslands and ensure the successful establishment of new species-rich meadows on a landscape scale.

The newly-formed Weald Meadows Group, supported by a wide range of organisations and specialists, aims to build on past successes by focusing on scientific research, management, promotion and restoration of meadow habitats across the AONB.

Group Objectives

  • Record the extent and condition of existing grasslands in the High Weald by consolidating and standardising existing data to monitor change, inform future management decisions, and measure success
  • Improve our ability to manage and restore grassland habitats through a programme of long-term monitoring and scientific research
  • Support the effective management, restoration and enhancement of grassland by providing evidence-based advice, specialist-training and improved access to funding
  • Celebrate the intrinsic beauty and cultural value of botanically-rich grasslands as special places for quiet reflection, recreation, and inspiration.

Weald Meadows Group

Iain Parkinson (High Weald AONB – Chair)
Sally Marsh (High Weald AONB)
Keith Datchler (People Need Nature)
Ralph Hobbs (Natural England)
Kate Ryland (Dolphin Ecological Surveys)
Clare Blencowe (Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre)
Dawn Brickwood (High Weald Landscape Trust)
Laurie Jackson (Buglife)
Margaret Pilkington (Emeritus, Senior Lecturer University of Sussex)
Ted Chapman (UK Native Seed Hub Coordinator, RNG, Kew)
Emma Hinton (Natural England)
James Newmarch (East Sussex County Council).

Want to know more?
Download the first quarterly newsletter to learn more about the Group’s activities and find out how you can help conserve the High Weald's previous meadow habitats: pdf Weald Meadows Group - Autumn Newsletter 2018 (3.22 MB) .