High Weald

Dean editedDean Morrison
Project Officer: Sussex Flow (Cuckmere & Combe)
Dean grew up in North Devon and has spent his entire career in nature conservation and sustainability. As a teenager he volunteered on a woodland nature reserve in Exmoor, and this inspired him to study Ecological Science at the University of Edinburgh.

He came to Sussex in 1988 to manage the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, which is how he came to develop a love for the High Weald landscape. He’s worked for several environmental organisations such as the Environment Agency, Kent Wildlife Trust, the RHS and the South East Rivers Trust, as well as for local authorities in sustainable development.

His special interest is in Natural Flood Management. After running a successful pilot in the Medway catchment, he is now bringing this approach to the Cuckmere and Combe Haven catchments. He hopes that a Natural Flood Management approach will not only help reduce the risk of people’s homes being flooded, but can also bring benefits for wildlife, farm businesses and the landscape.

Outside work he’s a keen guitarist and gardener.
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