High Weald

The partnership agreement between the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) members sets out the 14 activities of an AONB Unit. The activities are undertaken within the context of the AONB Management Plan and a three-year business strategy.

1. Management Plan

  • Developing reviewing, preparing and publishing the AONB vision and the CRoW Act AONB Management Plan
  • Promoting the AONB vision and management plan to help distinguish the AONB from adjacent countryside
  • Advising upon, facilitating and co-ordinating implementation by others of the Management Plan
  • Accessing resources for management activities
  • Developing an involvement by the community in the management of the
  • Providing a management role to co-ordinate AONB protection through the actions of the AONB unit, the AONB Partnership and other partners at a local and strategic level
  • Problem solving with the unit acting as co-ordinator and facilitators

2. Advisory/Advocacy

  • Advising Local Authorities and other partners on their activities within AONBs, to encourage them to attain the   highest possible standards in AONBs
  • Working with and contributing to the NAAONB activities, sharing advice and best practice nationally and regionally.
  • Providing landscape related planning advice (to local planning authorities and in conjunction with Natural England as appropriate in line with, and underpinned by protocols)
  • Financial support for NAAONB
  • Contribution and support to regional activity between AONBs and protected landscapes to strengthen status of the AONBs individually and collectively.

3. Monitoring

  • Monitoring and reporting on progress against AONB Management Plans and annual business plans to the Partnership.
  • Providinge monitoring and reporting information to Natural England in accordance with issued guidance.