High Weald

The Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme delivered a very diverse range of achievements, across areas such as biodiversity, participation and learning, access, volunteering, built heritage, and training and skills.

The Scheme's headline outputs were:

  • Over 14,500 pupils and teaching staff from 89 primary schools involved with project work.
  • 750 children and adults from secondary schools, colleges, universities and home school groups also involved with project work.
  • 98.5ha of BAP heathland habitat restored or conserved.
  • 113.5ha of BAP lowland ancient woodland conserved.
  • 995 volunteers contributed 5,563 volunteer days of work to the Scheme, with a value of around £300,000.
  • 43 community groups and 1050 members worked with.
  • 289 open days, festivals, participation / learning events and an exhibition staged, with over 15,900 attendees.
  • 55 talks and presentation given, with 2,381 attendees.
  • LiDAR survey undertaken over whole 328km² of the Weald Forest Ridge area.
  • 957 trainees from the volunteer and professional sectors undertook over 1,950 training days within the Scheme.
  • 16 work placements undertook over 1,050 placement days within the Scheme.
  • 910ha of open access land improved.
  • Almost 21km of routeways created or improved, including 3.8km of paths accessible for disabled people.
  • 9 heritage or nature trails created, totalling over 36.5km.
  • Over 70 leaflets, guides, films, archives and interpretation boards created.

The full suite of outputs is given in Appendix 7 of the Scheme's  pdf Monitoring Report. (4.83 MB)