High Weald

birchden boardSustainability and legacy were essential elements of the overall design and delivery of the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme. A key part of the Scheme's exit strategy was ensuring that long-term benefits would be achieved by the Delivery Partners within their project delivery.

Hence, each area of work described in What was delivered? contains a description of how those particular outputs and outcomes are now being maintained and enhanced. With the biodiversity and access improvements, the site managers are maintaining these until at least the 2020's. In contrast, many of the participation and learning outputs from within the Scheme provided the actual legacy, such as: archaeological toolkits, resource packs for schools, self-guided walks leaflets, interpretive trails, continuations of guided walks programmes, the stunning LiDAR survey, and an i-phone app. Wherever possible, these resources have been uploaded on appropriate webpages within this site.

But some of the most enduring legacies lie with the people, organisations and communities who have participated in, and benefited from, the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme. There has been an enhancement of people's understanding and enjoyment of the archaeological, cultural and environmental heritage of the Weald Forest Ridge, alongside an increased skills base, so that the unique landscape of the Weald Forest Ridge can be appreciated and cared for, now and in the future.