High Weald


pdf High Weald FarmingPL Application Form (Dec 2021) ( pdf, 280 KB )
pdf Application Template Farming in Protected Landscapes ( pdf, 280 KB )
pdf Defra guidance for applicants_7.12.21 ( pdf, 312 KB )

Official Defra guidance for those considering applying to the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme

pdf Glowing, Glowing, Gone - Glow-worms in the High Weald AONB ( pdf, 269 KB )

The High Weald is a hot spot for glow-worms due to its diverse mosaic of woodland and grassland habitats. However, these iconic insects are under threat from light pollution, climate change, pesticides and habitat loss. Learn more about these iconic insects, where to see them in the High Weald AONB and what you can do to help them thrive...

pdf 24 Nov 21 JAC Agenda Reports ( pdf, 2.19 MB )
24 November HW JAC Agenda & Reports
pdf Legislation & Planning Advice Note July 2021 ( pdf, 4.53 MB )

This advice note aims to assist all those involved in development proposals, including developers and their agents as well as members of the public, consider the impact of the proposed changes on the AONB.

pdf High Weald Farming PL Application Form read only ( pdf, 248 KB )

A read only version of the High Weald Farming in Protected Landscapes application form. A fillable form will be sent on request. Please submit a request via the enquiry form at Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme (highweald.org)

pdf High Weald AONB JAC 31 March 2021 agenda and reports ( pdf, 1.75 MB )
pdf Meadow Makers Trainee job description (High Weald) ( pdf, 305 KB )
pdf Meadow Makers Trainee further information (High Weald) ( pdf, 892 KB )
pdf Sussex Lund 2021 Application Form_FINAL ( pdf, 1.03 MB )

Download this form to complete your application to the Sussex Lund 2021 grants fund. It is a fillable pdf form so you can just type your information into the boxes. when you are finished, click 'Save as' and save your form with an appropriate file name.

pdf St Mary's Welly Walk East Grinstead ( pdf, 16.44 MB )
pdf High Weald AONB Dark Skies debate - letter to MPs Nov 2020 ( pdf, 691 KB )

A letter sent wrote to all 11 MPs with part of their constituency within the High Weald AONB, encouraging them to attend the House of Commons debate on the APPG’s plan and asking them to support policies combatting light pollution and protecting dark skies.

pdf Sussex Lund Criteria and Guidance 2021 ( pdf, 278 KB )

This document sets out the criteria you should consider when developing your Sussex Lund project and guidance on putting together a strong application.

pdf Burwash Welly Walk 2018 ( pdf, 14.73 MB )
Burwash Welly Walk updated in 2018
pdf WellyWalkleaflet maynardsgreen final ( pdf, 4.80 MB )
Maynards Green School Welly Walk
pdf 25 November 2020 HWJAC agenda and reports ( pdf, 2.56 MB )
pdf Upper Rother & Dudwell Farm Cluster eNews December 2020 ( pdf, 2.90 MB )
pdf Upper Rother & Dudwell Farm Cluster eNews September 2020 ( pdf, 859 KB )
pdf Upper Rother & Dudwell Farm Cluster eNews Spring 2020 ( pdf, 463 KB )
pdf Upper Rother & Dudwell Farm Cluster eNews June 2020 ( pdf, 739 KB )
pdf 25 November 2020 HWJAC agenda and reports ( pdf, 2.56 MB )
pdf 1 July 2020 HW Management Board Notes ( pdf, 158 KB )
pdf Sussex Lund Grant Summary - 2020 ( pdf, 153 KB )

Read about the wide range of land management and nature recovery projects funded by Sussex Lund across the High Weald AONB in 2020.

pdf High Weald AONB Partnership - Response to 'Changes to the Current Planning System' consultation ( pdf, 564 KB )

The High Weald AONB Partnership's response to the Government consultation 'Changes to the Current Planning System'.

pdf National Association of AONBs - Planning White Paper Response ( pdf, 99 KB )

The National Association of AONBs' (NAAONB) final response to the Government consultation 'Planning for the Future'.

pdf High Weald AONB Partnership - Planning White Paper Response ( pdf, 534 KB )

The High Weald AONB Partnership's final response to the Government consultation 'Planning for the Future'.

pdf Heathlands in the Weald leaflet ( pdf, 11.32 MB )

Learn about the High Weald's heathland habitat; its history, what makes it so special and where you can go to experience it.

pdf High Weald AONB Partnership Annual Review 2019/2020 ( pdf, 8.40 MB )

Our 2019/2020 Annual Review sets out the High Weald AONB Partnership’s many activities and successes over the past financial year. 

pdf Sandrock in the Weald leaflet ( pdf, 11.42 MB )

Find out why this unique geological feature occurs in the High Weald and why it is so special. With information on the historical use of sandrock, the rare plants that live on them and places you can go to see the rocks. 

pdf Wildflower Grasslands in the Weald leaflet ( pdf, 7.16 MB )

Learn about what makes the High Weald's grasslands so special and the management that they need. WIth tips on meadow creation and the benefits of using Weald Native Origin Seed. 

pdf High Weald Hero Newsletter - Autumn 2020 ( pdf, 955 KB )

The latest update for our 80+ High Weald Hero schools, with details of outdoor, COVID-safe workshops and sessions offered by our Education Officer, Rachel.

pdf High Weald Road Verge Types - Information Sheet ( pdf, 1.10 MB )
Information on the four main road verge types found in the High Weald AONB.
pdf Landscape Enhancement Initiative - Project Map ( pdf, 1.15 MB )

A map showing the current project locations and catchment area for the Beautiful Boundaries project.

pdf High Weald Hero Curriculum Resource Web ( pdf, 177 KB )

This topic diagram outlines just some of our High Weald resources with curriculum links for your lessons.

pdf Generic Deer Stalking Risk Assessment Guidance and Template - Fillable ( pdf, 377 KB )

A 'generic risk assessment' example that can be used as a template by a landowner to cover the basics of risks associated with deer stalking - a fillable pdf form. Plus guidance on how to use it.

pdf Site-Specific Deer Stalking Risk Assessment Template - Fillable ( pdf, 263 KB )

A 'site-specific risk assessment' that can be used as a template where deer stalking is taking place - a fillable pdf form.

pdf Deer Stalking Licence Agreement Template - Fillable ( pdf, 506 KB )

Sample 'deer stalking licence agreement' that can be used as a template - a fillable pdf form.

pdf Meadows assembly - pictures (KS2) ( pdf, 1.62 MB )
Pictures to accompany meadows assembly script.
pdf Meadows assembly - speech cards (KS2) ( pdf, 131 KB )
Speech cards for children's parts in the meadows assembly,
pdf High Weald AONB Neighbourhood Plan Guidance ( pdf, 1.16 MB )

A guide to considering the special character of the High Weald AONB when developing your Neighbourhood Plan.

pdf Art workshop - artists in the landscape ( pdf, 6.42 MB )

Background on folk artist George Smart who was inspired by local characters and the landscape - can lead into a collage activity.

pdf Art workshop - Patterns in the landscape ( pdf, 3.06 MB )

Outdoor art activities inspired by the landscape which can be used on their own or to lead into a collage activity.

pdf Habitat activity - wildflower meadow poster ( pdf, 321 KB )

Schools habitat activity - wildflower meadow poster with things to spot.

pdf Meadows assembly - KS2 ( pdf, 207 KB )

A short class performance about the importance of meadows and looking after them.

pdf Saxon drovers routes ( pdf, 8.33 MB )

Shows Saxon drovers routes into the High Weald.

pdf Spiral Sussex timeline ( pdf, 313 KB )

Palaeolithic to modern day - shows historical periods by their relative length.

pdf Dark Skies Family Activity Sheet ( pdf, 249 KB )
Use this resource to try some stargazing, learn about dark skies and the galaxy and share the legendary story of the constellation, Orion.
pdf Rother and Romney Water Catchment Plan 2014-2024 ( pdf, 2.45 MB )

The Rother and Romney Water Catchment Plan sets out a vision for the catchment and identifies and prioritises opportunities for improving its environment. The Plan lists the projects that have been undertaken by the High Weald AONB Partnership, Sussex Wildlife Trust and Kent Wildlife Trust since it's creation in 2014.

The Plan is guided by a wide range of data, expert opinion, local evidence and stakeholder consultation. It is an evolving document, updated as new information becomes available. If you have any ideas or comments, or your local group, community or organisation would like to be involved then please contact the AONB Partnership.

pdf High Weald AONB JAC 25 March 2020 Reports ( pdf, 2.22 MB )