High Weald

fc_interpretationExciting new interpretation has been installed at the Forestry Commission's four woodland sites within the Weald Forest Ridge: Birchden Wood; and St Leonard's, Sheffield and Tilgate Forests.

At all four sites, welcome interpretation boards have been installed at the main entrances: orientating visitors, providing a detailed access map, and giving an introduction to each site.

At St Leonard's Forest, two further boards interpret the wildlife and history of the site, whilst a dramatic, chainsaw-carved seat brings the myth of the St Leonard's dragon to life! And at Birchden Wood, the 1.5km all-ability trail has a trail of chainsaw carvings installed along its length to encourage children to explore the site, alongside three further interpretation boards, focused on the site's droving and iron production history and its habitat value for wildlife.

The partnership ethos of the Weald Forest Ridge LPS has ensured that this Forestry Commission interpretation has been able to use LiDAR images and reconstruction archaeological drawings from the Historic Environment Awareness Project.

WFR-logoThis interpretation was funded as part of the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.