High Weald

A 145km (90 mile) route that meanders through the AONB from east to west, linking ridge-top villages and historic gardens for which the area is famous.


HighWealdLandscapeTrail mapName: High Weald Landscape Trail
Length: 145 kilometres (95 miles)
Start point: Railway Station, Horsham
Finish point: Strand Quay, Rye
Users: Walkers
Days to complete Trail: 7 days on average
Highest point: West Hoathly, 183 m (600 ft)
Explorer maps: 134, 135, 136, 125
Landranger maps: 187, 188, 189, 198

An online guide was published in 2012 and you can download the sections below.  Please be aware there will be changes over time to locations and facilities within these pdfs which we are unable to change at present:

pdf High Weald Landscape Trail - Introduction (2.02 MB)
(2.02 MB)
pdf Chapter 1 Horsham to Cuckfield - 23.3km (14.5 miles) (9.77 MB) (9.77 MB)  (purple section)
pdf Chapter 2 Cuckfield to East Grinstead - 27.4km (17.0 miles) (6.75 MB) (6.75 MB)  (pink section)
pdf Chapter 3 East Grinstead to Groombridge - 21.0km (13.1 miles) (7.34 MB) (7.34 MB)  (yellow section)
pdf Chapter 4 Groombridge to Matfield - 22.8km (14.1 miles) (8.38 MB) (8.38 MB)  (green section)
pdf Chapter 5 Matfield to Rolvenden - 30.6km (19 miles) (9.31 MB) (9.31 MB)  (red section)
pdf Chapter 6 Rolvenden to Flackley Ash - 20.0km (12.5 miles) (5.37 MB) (5.37 MB)  (blue section)
  pdf Chapter 7 Flackley Ash to Rye - 7.1km (4.4 miles) (6.43 MB) (6.43 MB)  (brown section)

Also available to download is the background to the historical places along the Trail from the old published guide, no longer available in print.
pdf History of places along the Landscape Trail (2.2 MB) (2.20 MB)


The Landscape Trail waymark, with an image of a tree and church,  makes it easier to identify the Trail route.

Historic gardens open to the public - Borde Hill, Wakehurst Place,Standen House and Gardens and Groombridge Gardens are on the route. The distinctive sandstone villages dominate in the west and white weatherboarded villages are found in the east.

Famous associations
William Morris, Siegried Sassoon, Henry James

High Weald AONB Unit's favourite sections
Ardingly to West Hoathly for the gentle climb through a steep-sided, wooded valley to the quiet ridge-top village of West Hoathly. Matfield to Goudhurst for the wonderful colours of the orchards in the spring and autumn.

The Trail passes through or close to Horsham, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead and Royal Tunbridge Wells train stations all of which are accessible by train from London within 60 minutes. Rye can be accessed by train from Ashford and the South Coast.

HighWealdLandscapeTrail counties

The paths which form the High Weald Landscape Trail are part of a 2395 kilometre network across the area. Maintaining the network is the responsibility of 3 county councils – see map. Path inspections are undertaken every 15 to 24 months, depending on the authority.

If you encounter a problem on the High Weald Landscape Trail, or any other path in the area please report the location and nature of the problem to the relevant county council using the guidance below.

West Sussex

East Sussex
https://eastsussex.fixmystreet.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 0345 6080193.


The timescale for addressing any problems that are identified varies. Serious obstructions or surfacing problems where there is no alternative route is available are dealt with ASAP; misleading signage and minor issues with stiles etc are only addressed if resources permit. The county council will notify landowners of any problems that are their responsibility; which is to make sure people can access the public rights of way on their land by keeping them clear of crops and looking after stiles and gates. 


Updated downloads of the Trail guide were undertaken as part of the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.