High Weald

For hundreds of years the unique landscape of the High Weald with its ancient woodlands, distinctive field patterns, rolling hills and sandstone rocks has inspired art. Use specially-developed art workshops to fire pupils’ imagination and help them use different media.

Curriculum areas: Using a range of materials, Developing ideas and techniques

Art workshop packs (KS1/KS2) – classroom
• You’ll need images of the High Weald landscape – take photos on a welly walk or contact our Education Officer for some.
• Art equipment will be needed for each session – adaptions can be made.
• Packs contain step-by-step guidance on running an art session in the different mediums.
• Each medium has a special connection to the High Weald so can be linked to different areas of the curriculum:

Art workshop – Charcoal
• Charcoal was an essential ingredient in the High Weald iron industry.
Additional curriculum link: History

Art workshop – Felt
• Sheep are an integral part of the High Weald story.
Additional curriculum link: Geography (land use), History

Art workshop – Clay
• Clay is part of the High Weald’s geology and links to dinosaur fossils.
Additional curriculum links: Geography (land formation), Science (rocks)

Art workshop - Watercolour
• Celebrates the long history of artists, including Turner, who have used the High Weald landscape as inspiration.

Art workshop - Artists in the Landscape (KS1/KS2) – indoors. Equipment – art, various.
• Background on High Weald folk artist George Smart who was inspired by local characters and the landscape.
• Activity using your school aerial map to look at patterns and create a collage.
Additional curriculum links: Geography, History (local history study)

Art workshop - Patterns in the Landscape (KS1/KS2) – outdoors and indoors. Equipment art, various.
• Outdoor art activities inspired by the landscape which can be used on their own or to lead onto an indoor collage workshop.
Additional curriculum link: Geography

• Visit our artist interviews to see how contemporary local artists are inspired by the local landscape. Or use as own case studies.