High Weald

clouded_yellowThe Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus can be seen every year in the High Weald but is one of the three butterflies that seldom survive our cool damp winters.  These butterflies are a rich, golden yellow butterfly (medium sized) and the male has dark wing tips.

These migratory butterflies may be seen in any High Weald habitat, but congregates in flowery places where the larval foodplants grow, especially Red Clover. As clovers are still commonly cultivated, the Clouded Yellow is one of the few butterfly species that has no difficulty locating breeding habitat in the modern farmed countryside such as the semi improved meadows in the High Weald.

There are perhaps no years when a few Clouded Yellows do not reach Britain but immigrations vary from year to year. On average it is scarce in nine years out of ten, making the great 'Clouded Yellow years' all the more memorable.

Explore our nature reserves to find clouded yellows in meadows.

Check out the Sussex Butterfly Conservation site for latest sightings.