High Weald

red_admiralThe Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta is one of our most familiar butterflies and can be seen in almost any habitat of the High Weald from town centres to sea-shores. It is fast flying, often above head height, but its distinctive red bands and white spots are unmistakeable.

The Red Admiral is not resident, and the individuals that remain in the British Isles die in all but the mildes winters.  The vast majority seen in spring and early summer are immigrants and arrive from southern Europe to breed.  Numbers increase throughout the summer until, one or more generations later there is a return migration to the butterfly's winter breeding grounds in southern Europe. 

The Red Admiral is a species conspicuous in autumn when the numbers and higher and also because they visit garden flowers to fuel up for the journey south. 

By growing butterfly friendly plants in your garden you can help to maintain healthy populations of this popular and familiar butterfly across the High Weald.