High Weald

FH1 Objective: To secure agriculturally productive use for the fields of the High Weald, especially for local markets, as part of sustainable land management Rationale: to contribute to sustainable domestic food and non-food agricultural production, to support a working countryside, and to reduce the dependency of the UK on non-sustainably managed agricultural land and the need for long-distance transport that produces air pollutants causing harm to health and the environment

Indicator of success
i) increase in local food produce and sustainably produced non food products that add value to the farm-gate enterprise.
ii) increase in environmentally responsible and biodiversity rich farming practices facilitating profitable farming enterprise
iii) increase in grazing animals (cattle and sheep) contributing to land management

Targets for 2014

a) expansion of schemes that support sustainable farm-gate enterprise and profitability
b) increase in cooperative enterprises such as farm machinery rings

c) support and promotion of ecologically responsible farming and food production (e.g. local meat)

d) active financial support of, and partnership working with, farmers markets, and other local food outlets

e) Research to understand the role and needs of small producers, smallholders and part time farmers

f) schemes to increase the value of grazing livestock (e.g.marketing and branding to add value)

FH4 Objective: To protect the archaeology and historic assets of field and heath Rationale: to protect the historic environment of the AONB other than the pattern of fields: i.e. the individual archaeological features

Indicator of success
i) increased identification, recording, management, promotion and understanding of archaeology in field and heath
ii) improved management and understanding of the historic environment
iii) increase in appropriate level surveys within field and heath
iv) increased number of HER records for field and heath
v) increase in Higher Level Stewardship agreements promoting historic environment

Targets for 2014

a) system and processes established to identify and record archaeological sites (historic assets) found within field and heath
b) recording and inclusion of field and heath archaeology (historic assets) in Historic Environment Record
c) a single management plan produced for the Ashdown Forest

d) To undertake an assessment of potential registration of additional historic assets arising to meet the requirements of emerging heritage

e) archaeological features identified through Historic Landscape Characterisation (Sussex) and Historic Landscape Survey

f) economic incentives to support sensitive fencing of historic boundaries