High Weald

R1 Objective: To maintain the historic pattern and features of routeways
Rationale: to maintain routeway boundaries that form a part of the habitat mosaic of the High Weald; to maintain this key component of what is a rare UK survival of an essentially medieval landscape; to maintain a routeway network that has a symbiotic relationship with settlement location, hinterlands, and identity; and to protect the individual archaeological features of the historic routeways.

Indicator of success
i) increased protection for and awareness of the best preserved examples of networks of historic routeways

ii) historic street furniture retained iii) the undeveloped nature of rural
lanes maintained

iv) increase in non-motorised use
of rural lanes and tracks

Targets for 2014

a) the best examples identified through research project and protected through national heritage designations

b) partnership working with Highways Authorities to develop a design code for rural lanes

c) historic routeways included in Rights of Way Improvement plans so that they become part of the overall access planning for the AONB

d) turnpike-related features (e.g. milestones) and timber finger posts identified, retained and maintained

e) Study to identify the potential role of historic routeways in sustainable transport and communication planning including opportunities for ‘shared space’ initiatives and promotion of cycling as a mode of transport

f) New guidelines adopted by LA sthroughout AONB to promote use of characteristic boundaries and the reduction of the impact of intrusive highway engineering and signage

g) archaeological research to understand the historic features of routeways and their conservation

R2 Objective: To enhance the ecological function of routeways
Rationale: to improve the condition and connectivity of habitats along routeways for wildlife.

Indicator of success

i) favourable ecological condition achieved along routeways

ii) better protection secured for routeways of ecological value

Targets for 2014
a) key types of ecological feature of routeways identified and guidelines for good management produced and promoted

b) subsidy and support mechanisms targeted at ecology of routeways

c) routeways of ecological importance identified and protected through designations such as SNCI and designated verge