High Weald

yards_chickenWorking spaces are open areas within and around the farmstead which functioned for stacking crops and moving livestock and vehicles and can be very sensitive to change. Working spaces on the perimeter of a farmstead, including those for stacking corn and other small enclosures, serve to link the outer edges of the farmstead to its surrounding landscape.

Yards are areas for containing livestock, particularly cattle, onto which buildings face. Single or multiple yards are of fundamental importance to the development of many farmsteads and can range from fully enclosed, private spaces surrounded by buildings to more open yards visible from public paths and highways served by one or two buildings. Some farmsteads, especially those that are dispersed in their form, are not focused on any single yard area but may have several yards relating to individual buildings or groups of buildings. They can be very exposed to public view.

Gardens can stand within or to one side of the farmstead, and historically developed as private areas with a distinct and separate character. They may be screened from the working areas of the farm by hedges or walls.