High Weald

l plan thumbThese plan types are rare in the High Weald and represent less than 1% of recorded farmsteads. These are the plan types most difficult to identify from historic mapping, as they are typically associated with small farmsteads.  They can include early surviving buildings or may be later farmsteads developed in areas of poorer soils such as heathland areas. Most farmsteads of this plan type have been removed from agriculture.

 Plan characteristics

  • Linear plans have the farmhouse and a farm building, usually a barn, attached in-line.
  • Attached L-plans have the house and working buildings attached to each other in an overall L-plan.
  • Parallel plans have farmhouse and an agricultural building lying parallel to each other with a small yard area between.
  • Parallel plans in the High Weald typically have the agricultural building behind the farmhouse.
  • Linear and Attached L-plans with unconverted agriculture buildings are very rare.