High Weald

carolyn_gendersWhat art techniques/style do you use and why?
I am a ceramist working in white earthenware clay. I am a handbuilder, known for my coiled vessels and sculptural forms and painterly surfaces.

How and what about the High Weald landscape and its features or materials inspires you?
Although inspired by the High Weald Landscape where I live, I do not directly translate from the source  - rather I note atmosphere, mood and the rhythm and texture of the landscape. The marks and gestures that I make in my sketchbooks are my starting points for three dimensional work.

Is there a special place where you like to do your art?
I draw in the landscape and return to my studio to make my ceramics.

Where you good at art at school? What did your teachers say?
I was always very imaginative and creative but not very conventional. I did not have an encouraging teacher, in fact the opposite but I DID have very encouraging parents.

carolyn_genders_pot1When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
From an early age I made pots from the clay that I found in the ditch that ran through the garden. But it was only when I got to art college that I realised that clay was the material that I most love working with. However, I can't imagine a life without painting and drawing. Both these disciplines underpin my ceramic work and each feeds the other.

How did you become an artist?
Hard work and determination.

What do you like most about being an artist?
One of the things that I most like about being an artist is the fact that I am very self contained. I like the freedom that being creative gives one and that I always have a new challenge. The other important aspect is that I have been privileged to meet lots of different people from all walks of life. Life is never boring.

caolyn_genders_bowlWhat is your artist tip for local children?
Never compare your work to others. Just do what comes naturally and enjoy it!

How have the images you have supplied for the website come about?
These pieces are all based on the intimate landscape of my garden in the Weald. The colour of the flowers and plants and the play of light and shadow across plants inspires me, suggesting ever changing abstract and sculptural compositions. These pieces all come from sketching in the garden.

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