High Weald

james_barrettWhat art techniques/style do you use and why?
I use a digital camera for all my photos, currently a Canon 5dMK2, as it gives me total flexibility when in the field. I find it easier to fine tune compositions, check focus/depth of field, and generally be more creative when I can check the image right after taking it.

How and what about the High Weald landscape and its features or materials inspires you?
I particularly enjoy being on Ashdown Forest during the summer and autumn months. During autumn the colours of the leaves on the trees are magical. It really makes me want to get out with the camera and see what I can find.

Is there a special place where you like to do your art?
Sussex is my home and the South Downs and Ashdown Forest are special places for me to be outdoors and taking pictures. Of course some computer work is necessary, which is done at home but I always prefer being outdoors.

Were you good at art at school?
What did your teachers say? Art was one of my favourite subjects at school. I studied art at A level and then went on to do a HND in Graphic Design and Illustration.

When did you know you wanted to be a Photographer?
I was probably aged 16 or 17 when I first dreamt of being a photographer but it wasn't until my late twenties when I really thought it could be a possibility.

How did you become a Photographer?
I seriously started getting into landscape photography 5 or 6 years ago, but I made the move to become a freelance photographer around 2 years ago when I was confident enough in my work and saw there could be a market for me. Having an immensely supportive family helped too.

What do you like most about being a photographer?
Spending time in the outdoors in amazing weather and light, particularly at dawn when you seem to be the only person around to witness it.

What is your artist tip for local children?
If you want to be a nature/landscape photographer I would say carry a camera with you as much as possible when you're outdoors. I would also say that you should try and slow the whole picture taking process down and really look closely with your eyes, study the scene you want to take a picture of and only press the shutter when your happy with all the elements in that scene.

How did the pictures you have supplied for the website come about?
Both pictures came from just going out and walking with my camera and seeing what I could find -

Full Bloom – This is the view towards Friends Clump in the far distance. I was struck by the flowering gorse and purple heather that line the path. It was an overcast day so the colours seemed even more vibrant than normal.

james_barrett_1james_barrett_fullbloomGolden Brown – This was taken back in autumn when the bracken had turned a lovely golden colour. There were beautiful colours in the leaves on the trees and I was lucky enough to get a striking sky at sunset which set it all off.

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