High Weald
DSC01726_edited-1On 23 March over 180 primary school children from Kent spent the day at Bedgebury National Pinetum learning all about renewable energy sources in the High Weald.  The woodland setting was the perfect backdrop to get the children outside and enthusiastic about wind, water, solar, mechanical and wood energy.

In groups the children moved through three different zones during the day.

Zone 1 - involved building solar-powered cars and racing them, with the help of The Skinners School and Weald of Kent Girls School. Children also had a go at powering bubble machines, putting air into models and powerering ipods, using their own muscle power.

Zone 2 - was themed  wind, water and solar thermal power. Children had fun designing their own conservation posters highlighting what they can do to save energy and tried to work out how much water we waste everyday with the Water Wizard Challenge.

Zone 3  - took the children through the world of a wood chip, seeing first hand how a tree is coppiced turned into wood chip and eventually fuel for the wood chip boiler. The children could not believe that if they returned in 15 years they would see the same tree again ready to be coppiced, and they would be 25 years old!

Prior to the event teacher training sessions were held and classes were given the High Weald Heroes Sustainable Energy presentation.  These sessions helped teachers and children understand sustainable energy sources within the local landscape and enabled them to get more out of the Energy day.

The day would not have been possible without the skills of the Kent High Weald Partnership, High Weald AONB Unit, Bedgebury Pinetum Education team and volunteers, Commonworks, The Skinners School, Campaign for Real Events Co. and South East Alternative Science Network.  This day was funded by the High Weald Sustainable Development Fund and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Please visit the Learning Zone for more information on how to run your own energy day.