High Weald

ParkFarm_BurwashThe Rural Coalition cites the High Weald Unit's research as a 'national exemplar'.

Leading organisations representing rural interests are calling on Government to empower local rural people to shape the places in which they live.  The Rural Challenge report about the future of rural England presents a shared policy agenda for rural communities.  The report's overriding objective is to help achieve a positive, lasting legacy of sustainable rural communities.

Recognising the continuous evolution of landscapes and the importance of land-based activities for securing a rural future, the report cites the need for appropriate local interpretations of national policy.

It goes on to identify the importance of understanding dispersed settlement patterns when developing rural policy.  The report points to the High Weald's work with English Heritage on Historic Farmsteads and Landscape Character as a "national exemplar of good practice".

Co-Director of the High Weald AONB Unit, Jason Lavender said:

"This is yet another tangible success for the High Weald AONB Unit.  Part of our role is to examine a wide range of rural matters relevant to the AONB and highlight areas that may become important in the coming years.  The work we did with English Heritage has been vital in demonstrating that sustainable and environmentally responsible business and residential growth is achievable in an AONB."

The report sets out recommendations to Government for guaranteeing a future for rural communities.