High Weald


Buchan Park, Crawley played host to its former Victorian owner, Philip Saillard on Sunday 19 September, during the first of a series of entertaining living history theatre performances that will unravel the fascinating stories of a few of the extraordinary people that have influenced the countryside we see today.

Saillard, a wealthy Victorian entrepreneur and owner of Buchan Park circa 1883, was brought to life by 'The Company'. 'The Company' are a highly respected theatre group who are leading the new project which is part of the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme.

The Company will perform five plays across East and West Sussex during the next eighteen months. Although delivery of the plays is highly entertaining and light hearted, the story is meticulously researched by the theatre group whose characters are based on real life, historical people.


As well as being one of Crawley's most popular outdoor spaces, Buchan Park has also been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of the wealth of wildlife supported by careful management of natural flora and lakes built by Saillard.

For more information on The Company's forthcoming performances and other events being run as part of the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme go to the High Weald Events Calendar and the Weald Forest Ridge Scheme pages.

WFR-logoThe project is being funded by the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.