High Weald

video_accommodationB&B owners from the across the High Weald recently attended a pilot workshop aimed at helping them understand the process of filming and editing a short 2 minute promotional video for their property using cheap handheld cameras. 

The Project was initiated by Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd who had identified that the quality of promotional videos within the UK were generally poor and rarely reflected their setting – often a key selling point - and that video is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways of improved online presence  - videos will therefore soon become an essential marketing tool.

As a starting point the Unit’s Cultural Heritage Adviser worked with a willing B&B owner - Jane Howard of Coopers Farm - to pilot the video production process. The aim was to test available technology, the ease of production for people with limited video or IT experience and the scope to build in content that promoted not just the property but the special qualities of the area around the property. The video was then used as a case study for the workshop.

Watch the Cooper's Farm Video

The workshop was organised by Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd and delivered by the Cultural Heritage Advisor with input from Jane. Ten B&B owners - 7 businesses in total - attended. Almost all came to the follow up session which brought the businesses together to present their videos and share their production experiences.

Project evaluation indicated that the businesses were extremely happy with the workshop and further workshops are planned as part of a new project that will help businesses market their service based on its location in a protected landscape and their green credentials.