High Weald

bumblebee_gorseThe Bumblebee Conservation Trust has recently launched their new website with tools and features to help adults and children learn more about these declining species. Find out more about the Trust, who they are, and how they aim to help bumblebees in the future.

For children, there is an exciting section called Bumble kids; where they can learn lots of interesting facts about bumblebees and try out various activities aimed at different age levels, including tips on how to spot bumblebees and identify different types. Lesson plans for school teachers are to follow in the near future.

For those interested in gardening and concerned about making a bee-friendly environment, there is a section - Gardening for bees - which features a new tool to find out how bee-friendly your garden is, and which plants will improve your score and bring the bees buzzing in. 

Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website.