High Weald

A new video has been added to the High Weald video library. Dora relates stories of life as  a WW2 evacuee to her daughter, Jen, on a visit to Ashdown Forest at the end of the 1960's. She talks about being billeted with Mrs Ferris and her son Bob, at a farm in Withyham; rationing and 'Dig for Victory'; exploring the countryside and visits to the seaside; bombs, doodlebugs, Spitfires and Anderson's shelters; military training on the area's heaths; and features such as 'pill-boxes' and 'dragon's-teeth' which can still be seen in the landscape today.

Ashdown Forest and Broadwater Forest both have archaeology-themed, self-guided walks which include military features.

Download icon The Military on Ashdown Forest (1.12 MB)
Download the pdf  Broadwater History Trail (2.59 MB)

The video has been produced as part of the JAC's primary school outreach programme - High Weald Heroes - with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It is suitable for KS2 pupils. 

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