High Weald

map flight paths south eastA consultation on proposed airspace changes over southern England is now open.

The consultation is being run jointly by NATS (the UK's main air navigation service provider) and Gatwick Airport. Known as the "The London Airspace Consultation" (LAC), it will run from 15 October 2013 to 21 January 2014 and will be available online for stakeholders and the public to view and leave feedback.

The purpose of the consultation is to the gather views on the restructuring of Gatwick's airspace – changes that are now required by legislation due to improvements in aircraft navigation systems, and which will be designed to reduce noise pollution and CO₂ emissions. It should be noted that the current consultation is about broad swathes of airspace, not the precise location of aircraft routes. However, any information regarding local considerations that you feel is important will be considered when final route positions are determined.

To see how the various portions of airspace relate to your location, and to submit your views on the restructuring of Gatwick's airspace, please visit www.londonairspaceconsultation.co.uk