High Weald

Earlier this month, the High Weald AONB Partnership hosted some visitors from London for a tour of some of the area’s family-run farms.

CPRE visit

Chief Executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Crispin Truman, visited farms in the Mayfield area, accompanied by the Co-Director of the High Weald AONB Unit, Jason Lavender, and Kia Trainor, Director of CPRE Sussex.

Crispin met with local livestock farmers Guy Brickell and Andrew Firrell and heard their views on how the future of a viable – and environmentally responsible – farming and forestry sector is vital for the ongoing conservation and enhancement of the AONB. The group also visited Romshed Farm just outside the AONB, near Sevenoaks, which is a member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.

CPRE visit 2Jason Lavender said: “Generations of family-scale farmers and their livestock have created a breath-taking landscape here in the High Weald. While celebrating their contribution, we should also recognise the important role they have to play in diversifying food production, conserving our world-class landscapes and increasing our resilience - particularly as we look ahead to BREXIT and agricultural reform.”

Photos: (Left) Local farmer Andrew Firrell speaking to Crispin Truman, CPRE, Emma Marrington, CPRE Alice Roberts, CPRE and Jason Lavender, High Weald AONB Unit, (above) Crispin Truman (CPRE) Kia Trainor (Director of the Sussex branch of CPRE, CPRE Sussex).